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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

THE 69 EYES-"Death of darkness"

Finnish goth rockers come back with another hymn to the night and darkness. Opener "death of darkness" is a deranged Iggy Pop flavored , vampire oozing soft rock/goth lullaby with some growling vocals to add to the mystery effect.

"Drive" is a fast, up tempo (for 69EYES standards) rocker , a bit GUNS N ROSES a bit Iggy on meth, always with the great sense of melody the Finns have in every chorus."Gotta rock" is goth twelve bar for the 21st century, up tempo and fashionable, bif riffs and even biggest chorus."This murder takes two" is a ballad, dark, bittersweet with the participation of Kat Von D, part Nick Cave, part Cris Isaacs, part dark americana, part alternative rock, a nice one but you ll forget it after a few spins."California" is the "hit" of the album with its catchy chorus, the Billy Idol/Iggy Pop influences and the easy rock tbeat, an instant stand out for the mainstream radio. But 69 EYES know how to put distortion and edge to their music, "Call me snake" is the proof, a heavy, punkish tune with swagger and anger. "Dying in the night" is another mid tempo rocker ready for late night radio stations and beach bars for the first hours of the day, laid back, soft and mesmerizing."Sundown '' is another upbeat song with echoes of SISTERS OF MERCY, U2 and contrary to its title brings rays of hope to the dark world of 69 EYES along with some great heavy guitar soloing. "Outlaws" is another mid tempo, yet far heavier song, with edgy guitars and some nice , distinctive keyboards , goth americana at its best.

Overall THE 69 EYES returned with an album of gothic rock with heavy moments but most of the time radio friendly, a great companion for the late hours of the night along with a drink and some mascara.


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