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Rockabilly made in Germany and the years Elvis spent there proves he left some valuable heritage.THE BACKYARD CASANOVAS are a quartet consisting of Tommy J. Croole (vocals, lead guitar), Sidney Ramone (rhythm guitar), Lucky Luciano ( standing bass) and Rene Lieutenant (drums). Their album consists of a few originals and some nice covers all in the same vein, rockabilly boogie and blues with the calendar stuck in 1955.

From the instrumental opener a mid tempo boogie with the fitted title "Chicken stuff"a Williams cover, you know what to expect. The next song- "You don't give a damn" an original- just proves right all those who think rock n roll is eternal, a twelve bar rocker in the Chuck Berry, Bill Haley best tradition another fine example of twelve bar boogie, oozes 50s." I aint botherin nobody" is a mid tempo rocker,(Tommy Moore's cover) with some nice rockabilly/blues guitar, shakin and rellin. "Hey sweet lady" another original, has some nice rhythm section groovin, tasteful guitar and Tommy J howling like a Delta man all over."Buzz back home" is another original that stands out, proving their drummer is also a serious writing force. While 'Evil woman" with its prime guitar work is another fine example of their songwriting skills, a tasteful twelve bar stomper.They speed up at "Big fat mama"a cover of Adkins original with some great blues scale soloing.The more rhythmic "Scratchin" another original nods at George Thorogood and Eddie Cochran with tis shuffle and groove."Lucy mae blues" is a mid tempo blues, cover (Sims) groovy and tasteful with guitars oozing Chicago and Chess records. Closing track is a fast twelve bar cover of "Take five" by Eatmon and some great slide guitar, an energetic twelve bar song that could easily open their setlist.

This quartet has been living in a time machine and they recreate, write music as it would be if outside the widows were Caddiclacs, pontiacs and Plymouth riding along with greasers and high school cheerleaders. If you like meeting at the local drive in diner, for a milkshake, a beer in a brown paper bag and listen to the latest rock n roll hits by Wolfman Jack,BACKYARD CASANOVAS are your kind of band. No filers, just twelve bar rock n rollers for all you greasers out there.


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