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THE BLACK CAT BONES-"The book of Miriam ''

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 10 Σεπ 2022

A bit funky, a bit roots rock a bit of everything to make your summer better. From the groovy opener "Lungs' to the funky "when I see you...' that reminds to the point of copyright infringment the "Colors" of BLACK LIGHT PUMAS, BLACK CAT BONES know how to deliver. Warm, soulful music that comes to a sentimental high with "I shall be released" and then takes a more rocking direction in songs like "Robbens island" and a bit bluesier at 'Dave's song' . These South Africans mix the best of both worlds from 80s soft rock to Springsteen and Santana and all in between.

'Hemmingway" could easily be on a DROPKICK MURPHYS or the POGUES album if they decide to slow their pace."A song with a sweet aftertaste, with the celtic scent all over itSwords' is a smooth but strong mid tempo rocker, with the BLACK CAT BONES elements, sweetness, sharp edged U2 style guitars and anthemic feeling in the way BIG COUNTRY and ALARM used to have. .Anthemic rock songs with the horns brig their inner power to life at "Quit' and THE WAR would be proud for both the musical and lyrical context.The funky -African style "Mayo" closes an album that ozes diversity in styles and sounds.

Overall an album that balances between the black, soulful,groovy side and the more 80s anthemic rock style in the vein of BIC COUNTRY and U2. The final result is a multi gamer that will satisfy the rock fans who listen without prejudice but love a well penned tune.


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