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THE BLACK KEYS- "Dropout boogie"

US blues never sounded so rejuvenated and promising as with the BLACK KEYS. This duet is not a cheap imitation of THE WHITE STRIPES. On the contrary and they have proved it through the years ,there a band that their only major similarity with the WHITE STRIPES is the number of the band members. BLACK KEYS have a tendency to make their blues more accessible, less delta blues and more StAx and soul influence along with some 90s alternative touches. When they want they incorporate in their sound the classics like in "Good love" with Billy F Gibbons ,yes the ZZ TOP axeman.

The album is full of blues under a fresh approach, rocking, aiming at the alternative generation without losing their original twelve bar feeling either limited by it. Songs like "Your team looks good" and "Happiness" is their own approach/proposal to the blues for the 21st century while " Didn't i love you' and "Burn the damn house down" are full of the blues power and frustration. Overall a modern blues/alternative rock album that will make you smile for all the 34 minutes of its duration.


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