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THE BLACK MOODS- "Into the night"

Big, fancy arena rock sized blues form this power trio from Arizona. Although most of their contemporaries goes for the minimal sound and the stripped down version, usually the duet , THE BLACK MOODS are on the other side of the spectrum. Bringing together the blues, the Seattle metallic taste of bands like SOUNDGARDEN and MOTHER LOVE BONE and the FM simplicity of the CREED generation they presenting to us an album that is rock for the masses. Quality rock music, deep in the blues, the 70s tradition and the great FM alternative tradition of the 90s where SOUNDGARDEN and AUDIOSLAVE meet THREE DOORS DOWN. Catchy, with pop sensitivity and deep in the rock root songs never let down any decent rock fan who listens to NICKELBACK as easy as SOUNDGARDEN.

Radio rock with credibility, not for the few elitists but for the majority of rock fans who enjoy a good riff, a good bridge and a decent melody that stay with you all day long, after listening to it. Songs like "On and on" have this party feeling we have missed from music since the days of TERRORVISION and GUN. A danceable rock song that wants you shake your mojo till the break of dawn.PRIMAL SCREAM /REEF primal, root rock in a "Junkie excuses" a song that FACES would love to have in their repertoire. "Fire and gasoline' is a down to earth rocker with a groovy beat that makes you wanna get on the dancef loor and follow the swinging beat.

Overall a modern day rock album that loves the dark blues with a ray of light to make the change.


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