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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

THE BLUES AGAINST YOUTH- "As the tide goes high and low"

The Italian slide guitar master and one man band Gianni TBAY surprises us with an album that is more USA than most of the current blues albums coming from the States. Country, Bluegrass, classic rock ,blues , all together in a blend that satisfies even the most difficult and purist. Songs like "Devil's train" are fine examples on how the man has incorporated US blues/Country tradition in his playing, More standard approaches as at the twelve bar 'Say something" are the justification of BLUES AGAINST YOUTH as a band who lives and breathed the blues, instead thinking of them as renovators."Oblivion" is a more acoustic blues oriented song with the alternative touches all over it. Goin’ To East Texas, Say Something and Particle Filter Blues.

Gianni Tbay is a real bluesman that prefers his whiskey neat and his blues, dirty and un distorted "Goin to Chicago '' is a reminder of the power CHESS studios used to have over the musicians and its listeners. From the opener "Refugee" the slide guitar, trademark of TBAY show his love for the traditional sounds and the dark sounds of today along with some social comments, that most rock artists avoid to make.."Slanted path' is a furious blues rockabilly anthem, ready to set the world on fire. An organic album, that detonates the highly explosive TBAY's playing in a mayhem of burning country blues songs that leave behind them barren land.Italian Hillbillies must be proud of TBAY, a burning one man show of blistering country blues. 7,5

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