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The Courettes-"Back in mono"

A duet who unlike the WHITE STRIPES prefer the more polished form of rock n roll, instead the primitive form of blues. Influenced more by The Ronettes, Shangri Las etc along buddy Holly, Chuck Berry and the early twelve bar pioneers, they release an album (their third) full of sugar coated rock n roll /pop and rockabilly "Melodic and melancholic at songs like "My one and only baby", streetwise and rebels at "Edge of my nerves" the embrace the 50s with love and affection.

If "Grease" would need a new soundtrack or even better "Happy days" becoming a movie,Fonzy would love to swing at their songs. Denmark (Martin) and Brazil Flavia unite their creative forces and bring the glory days of garage,rockabilly back on our turntables. The difference between them and bands like The Raveonettes, is they have a far more diversified, enriched sound and they love each and every aspect of early days rock n roll, even production wise, miming the famous Phil Spector ,"Wall of sound".

All hail to the Courettes.


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