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THE CROWNED LIONS- "Time passes by"

Sometimes progressive rock/metal-Alternative rock exceeds our expectations. "Time passes by" by THE CROWNED LIONS is one of them. In just over half an hour these Germans bring together modern metal, progressive metal, pop and rock in one big , addictive package. Complex and technical, yet immense and direct at the same time , they keep the listener active without overindulging, bringing their music to the front in the form of songs that demand your attention and let you become a part of them in an extensive sing along. Imagine MUSE and DT trading licks and writing songs under five minutes without sacrificing their technical side but still keeping their music approachable, yet heavy and technical. "Rusty handle" the opener, is a fine example of how melody, complexity, metal and melody can combine without being over complex or too cheesy, aiming to a wider audience from post grunge to alternative rock fans ,never dismissing the heavy from their music description. "Hotel Heathrow '' is a trip down the memory lane, grey, melodic and down spiral, the minor chords bringing at the front the sense of abandonment.

Akki's vocals are coming from the glory 90s underground past, bringing in the mind bands like FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE, PLACEBO or even MADRUGADA and of course the mighty SIEGES EVEN, "Gone" is the soundtrack to a desert David Lynch film with the desperation oozing out the screaming chorus. METALLICA wink at "The rush" with its storming riff intro.More atmospheric at "The apparition" they speed down giving emphasis at the sentimental side of the things. The closing "time passes by" is a 6 min epic with bass lines that owes equally to THE CURE and DT an alternative/pro elegy for those who want their music modern, heavy yet not traditional progressive or alternative. A hybrid that works out perfectly for THE CROWNED LIONS.

They offer a sound that needs to build up in your musical taste but at the end is complementary and expands your musical horizons without being extremely technical or aggressive. A very interesting proposal in the era of modern progressive metal in the vein of bands like SOEN.and LEPROUS.but also love the 90s alternative/dark sound


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