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THE DARKNESS- “Easter is cancelled”

A band that you usually love or hate. Well myself im on the first category. DARKNESS are a highly talented band that combine glam, hard rock and in parts heavy metal with self-flamboyant arrogance, British humor and a tendency to be entertainers more than rock stars. Their new album is as usual a great mix of QUEEN meet TREX meet VAN HALEN meet …whatever you want to name it. The songs are as always melodic with catchy choruses and melodic lines that drives you crazy, if you think you will try to get rid of them. But their sense of bizarre humor gives little masterpieces like the exquisite ‘Heavy metal lover” where the lyrics meet one of the best imitations of extreme metal or the unapologetic ‘We are the guitar men”. DARKNESS are among those who brought R back at the Rock music for the UK and like it or not, are far more interesting than lots of the -core bands that try to be gloomy, doomy and scary with their low tuned guitars and high pitched, full of anger vocals. Ester is cancelled but Christmas came earlier with an album like that.


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