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The Georgia Thunderbolts- "Can we get a witness"

From LYNYRD SKYNYRD to SMALL FACES/FACES/HUMBLE PIE "Be good to yourself", TGT are a real Southern band with guts.Honky tonk piano, battered ,fuzzed guitars and a singer that knows how to use his voice. Dirty, ballsy rock n roll base don boogie, blues, Soul and with the Southern twist we all love. Yet the band is more on the classic rock side of the road and although you can listen to pre 76 SKYNYRD you can listen to BOA,ALLMAN,CREAM, Clapton and most of all Delta blues burning their soul and letting music pour out like hot water from a gazer well. If LED ZEPPELIN were Southerns instead of UK hippies they might have tried to sound like TGT. Hard rocking anthems like "Helpless woman' give their place to Southern boogie like "Dancin with the devil" making "Can we get a witness" a joy for the ears. Traditional, yes, obsolete no, check them out and we may have here BLACKSTONE CHERRY successors.

From the opener "Take it slow" the beat and the groove are ever present, manly,Southern hard rock with dizzy,screaming guitars and a singer somewhere between the Marlboro man and the Jack Daniels commercials oozing whiskey and old time manhood. 'Lend a hand" has the kind of groove we love at BLACKFOOT and MOLLY HATCHET with a new generation Southern harmonies at the chorus (BLACKBERRY SMOKE, CADILLAC THREE, MOLLY HATCHET, BLACKSTONE CHERRY). At songs like "Looking for an old friend" are the closest i have heard to SKYNYRD for years and you must take this as a compliment.

THE GEORGIA THUNDERBOLTS is a band who loves their musical tradition and at the same time tries to differentiate themselves by writing damn good, groovy, Southern hard rock songs. Raise the confederate flag and listen to them, or bury yourself in the political correct shit of the middle class /left wing losers.


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