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THE GREEN LUNG- "This heathen land"

Occult, BLACK SABBATH inspired, modern day CATHEDRAL, inspired by MERCYFUL FATE whatever you call them GREEN LUNG is a fresh of breath (from the catacombs) air in a dying genre. They incorporate elements form occult rock, 70s Heavy rock, a singer with some Ozzy touches in his voice and choruses that owns equal to the melodic moments of GHOST and the haunting choruses of MERCYFUL FATE all of them assorted by some excellent 70s fused guitar work by Scott Black.

These Londoners are the most interesting thing the British metal scene has presented since CATHEDRAL. Heavy, groovy melodic and with a great sense in songwriting, where they fused 70s hard rock, doom metal and psychedelia. What I love about GREEN LUNG is that they don't get beyond the ...all the time. Thye speed the pace and drive us in horror scenery of blood, deception and treatory as in "Mountain throne'. Again Black's work is tasty and meaningful , no fret wanking, straight to the listeners heart and Wright's organ created the right Hammer movies inspired atmosphere. The same stands for next song "Maxine (witch queen") a mesmerizing piece of occult rock that shows the band full potential, a heavy psychedelic song, filled with the 60s'/70s feeling straight from the Hammers studios, with Wright creating some spooky organ themes. It would be unfair not to talk about the rhythm section of Wiserman (drums) and Guest (bass) who keep the boat steady and down to the ground with their stripped yet tasteful playing. The SABBATH inspired with the heavy riffing, "One for sorrow" is where Templar vocals really come close to a later day Ozzy but it is Black's guitar solo that bring the 70s feeling and Wright's organ that along with Guest bass lines creat a doom/psychedelic masterpiece before they bring some interesting hardcore influences when guitars and rhythm section unite to let Wright change the landscape with his tasty organ solo, a song in the song and definitely one of their more progressive/ challenging moments.

"Song of the stones" is as its name says a song for the ancients, a folk inspired, tune , acoustic, folky, a hymn to those before us, a travel to the roots, where British Folk scene meets acoustic rock and a chance for Templar and Wright to shine before Black shows his love for Gilmour in the solo that defines the songThis leads to one of the heaviest moments of the album "The ancient ways" a tribute to BLACK SABBATH and at the same time a tour de force in the modern melodic doom metal."Hunters in the sky" is another excellent example of modern doom melodic Doom metal with an FM feeling in the same way GHOST are now a household name for both metal fans and arenas, GREEN LUNG have this unique sense for haunting melodies that makes them stand out of the numerous metal bands today and while Wright make a great Jon Lord impersonation at the organ dwelling with Black in a great DEEP PURPLE fashion, they never sound like a retro, revivalist band but a contemporary that fights for the metal crown for today. It is Templars high pitched vocals that along with the great backing vocals at choruses brings me back memories of DEMON and MERCYFUL FATE and tears in my eyes when a young band inspires by these masters and especially for DEMON underdog ones. The closing "Oceans of time" is another of the piece de resistance of the album, with Black's guitar work shining all over, a haunting melody lead by Templar, the rhythm section leading the song and as usual Wright adding the necessary background abit danceable at some spots- and i really lie it- for the band to lead another 70s inspired melodic doom journey. A song that you can listen to on the repeat and every time find different things without ever getting bored.

This quintet evolves from album to album and this one is certainly their best until now showing a great potential for the future, Take your own trip to "This heathen land" and face the majesty of GREEN LUNG. An album to remember.


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