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THE HEAVY NORTH- "Electric soul machine"

Heavy north is a new British band that moves equalling easy from funk to rock in a way everybody likes if you re raised with the 60s and 70s in your musical taste. Their smooth groovy sound infuses their groovy funk rock with some elements like a stoned James Brown, show me that HEAVY NORTH knows how to create passionate groovy music. TRAPEZE, JAMES BROWN, DEEP PURPLE, are all in this groovy party.

The opener "The genie" is a fine example on how the funk infused 70s rock cna revive in our days, with the horns dwelling the guitars in a magnificent way, bringing joy to this musical journey, out of the usual. While the more straight rocker of "Darkness in your eyes" grab you from the throat and demands your attention with its spartan rhythm and the edgy backing vocals."She gets me high" is pure dynamite , Detroit black sound meeting the New York funk brothers rocking over a steady, groovy, addictive rhythm. You're listening to it and expecting the private investigators of George Pelecanos to come from the corner or even better Shaft coming to ask you about a recent job he got . "Awake" goes on the same vibe as it is most of the album. Funky, rocking with ...reminding a bit of Robert Cray and his glory days but a bit more 70s than blues.

When they decide to rock they do it hard in songs like 'Satisfy you" and "Better change" like the best DEEP PURPLE alumni you could listen to. But a band coming from the 70s need and they know it a strong ballad and "As long as you re here with me" is the song that makes the lights lit up the night at their concerts, a song that would make Aretha Franklin,Sam Cooke and Janis Joplin proud for their musical legacy and their hreditors like "HEAVY NORTH". So if you're in to 70s soul,funk, infused ock with some Hard rock moments all packed up with top class musicianship and passion, check HEAVY NORTHs latest work.


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