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The Lucid Furs- "Damn!That was easy"

Groovy, retro rock where female and male lead vocals combine and change lines at the funky opener "Right on my level" gives you the idea what to expect. Here we dont have another Zep clone. On the contrary Santana, MOUNTAIN, FUNCADELIC, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE,HEART are all here jamming over a loose groove with persistence, patience and the will to tear the joint apart with the sheer power of their music. "Five finger Disco" is the second in line barnstormer, where rockers meet the groove in some 70s underground NY Disco club, embracing themselves in a rhythm dance that lasts for ever until the guitar make the rock origins visible and audible. Detroit's Lucid Furs come third time and the charm is here. Chicago blues at "Lying again" and the voice of lead singer Karen O Connor lays her heart over a jazzy guitar riff. A bit soul, a bit blues but most and above all soulful defines the bands style as retro but not retro rock in the narrow way,revivalists did the last 15 years.

Far more open to influences, they incorporate everything from Amy Winehouse to PORTISHEAD to Chess records artists and the result vindicates them."Pull the string" finds them going for a more big fat sound, Led Zep along Deep Purple let their spirit interfere with the song.The groove is back at "Conscience" reminding of the great BIG CHIEF,with bass rolling all over the song. Hard hitting, guitar driven and rock at "Another page" with Blackmore's soloing meets Led Zep groove over some great female vocals, with a touch of early HEART."Straight to my head" follows the road, with Zep becoming more obvious along some Eastern influences and rhythm section partying. "Follow me" keeps the 70s,psychedelia trip going on with speed increasing. Closer "One time investment" with its acoustic overtones and O Connor in a trippy performance comes straight outta JEFFERSON AIRPLANE songbook spiced up with LSD, or whatever acid you might like and its a proper closer, for an album as retro,as contemporary.


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