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THE MARS VOLTA -"Mars volta"

The return of the most brilliant avant garde, jazz,fusion, progressive, metal band of the 21st century came as a surprise to all of us, their devoted fans. The band's only constant members are Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala, whose partnership forms the core of the band and they gave the green light for the return/reunion.But still no one expected that THE MARS VOLTA would release their most pop oriented, accessible album of all their history. The only common ground with their past, is some complex rhythms and psychedelic landscapes. The overall result is a mix of modern hip/hop.psychedelia, Latin with a twist of Santana but in no way the riddles that used to be the MARS VOLTA previous album for the listener. Following a more linear way of development, the melody is the main axe of building the songs.

Songs like "Blank condolences", the magnificent "Que Dios te maldiga Mi corazón", "Tourmaline", "Cerulea" is the new face of a band that always creates and plays music for themselves firstly and secondly for the fans. In this case THE MARS VOLTA dare to be accessible and filter their own latin influences in some hypnotic, melodic, ethnic songs that can be described only as THE MARS VOLTA exploring their ethnic origins. Full of melody, small hints of musical genius and psychedelic overtones, they make THE MARS VOLTA album their most accessible and yet more intriguing work. A return unexpected as the returns context. A great surprise that ends with a positive for the open minded listener.


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