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The Quill-"Earthrise"

QUILL are among the most underrated bands in the modern metal scene. Stoner, classical heavy and retro rock are all blended in their sound in the best possible analogies. The result is a heavy, sand covered, slow burning piece of music,that watches the KYUSS on the one hand and the BLACK SABBATH-Ozzy era on the other see 'Evil omen",in all its glorious 9 minutes ok actually that is almost the same thing in different wrapping. Echoes of other heroes , mostly from the Detroit era are all around in their sound. THE STOOGES,Ted Nugent are among the artists you could find specks of their sound in QUILLS heavy metal thunder. They have a feeling of old SAXON, GIRLSCHOOL and at the same time they travel to the Mojave desert all in one song like "Dwarf planet". QUILL may never be the next big thg, but they are at the front line along with bands like FU MANCHU to lay heavy, distorted music with gigantic riffs, sing a long choruses and hammered rhythm sections without giving a fuck about what year do we live at.

Heavy, melodic and most of all original, this is heavy rock with some stoner fuzz that captures the listener with its groove and volume. SPIRITUAL BEGGARS from the early years and SPICE, OBSESSED, are some other bands i could use as references, although QUILL are equally old and experienced in the metal scene. If you still have doubts ,check them at your local metal club, sweating over guitars who love the volume and the fuzz. Simple, yet not simplistic, they bring the art of simplicity back to metal along with the sheer fan to enjoy heavy sounds with no interference from produce,record labels etc, straight, raw and heavy. 7

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