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THE WHITE BUFFALO- "Year of the dark horse"

One of the secrets of modern US music is THE WHITE BUFFALO. The spiritual child of Jake Smith, THE WHITE BUFFALO is the perfect mix of americana, dark americana, country, folk and alternative rock. The best image I could ask you to draw to have an understanding on WB music is Nick Cave jamming with Johnny Cash over some old country and delta blues standards.

The band is moving around Smith and his musical skills leaning to simplicity. Acoustic and electric guitars, Harmonica, piano, organ and a gravel voice with a very deep,soulful vibrato that travels you instantly on the first listening. The music includes upbeat songs like Come on,come up, come out and Heart attack, anthemic elegies at Kingdom for a fool" dark elegies like Love will never come/ spring's song, dark alternative like and bluesy love songs like "Love #3" and everything in between. If you are not familiar with THE WHITE BUFFALO, probably also with "Sons of anarchy" this is your time to make up for your mistake. A band with unique sound , great lyrics and chords simple but addictive as pure Colombian coke that Neil Young, Tom Petty, Leonard Cohen and Johnny Cash would definitely approve of.


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