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  • Εικόνα συγγραφέαStelios Basbayiannis

THERAPY?- "Hard cold fire"

THERAPY? is the sure thing if you have a bad day at work, school, a break up, whatever. As always they start with a modern heavy rocker where a stripped down rhythm section grooves so Andy Cairns like a modern day muezzin preaches his venomous lyrics at "They shoot the terrible master" in a punk rock way. The riff continues at "Woe" with the usual 90s alternative heavy guitar sound and another great chorus , before the sneaking vocals penetrate the dystopia that THERAPY? creates. "Bewildered Herd" is another massive metalic punk rocker with the classic THERAPY? in your face sing along chorus, stripped down to the very aggressive existence of the power trio, kind of metalic NIRVANA. Pace sped up at "Two wounded animals'' a more heavy song with the THERAPY? melodic stamp imprinted over its metalic carcass. If you ever wondered what Michael Jackson would sound like if he was into metal music, listen to the groovy "Two wounded Animals" that builds up a dance groove and adds the appropriate distorted guitars."

To disappear" is a heavy riffing inspired song, lacklustre based on the vocal melodies and the overall aggressive tempo, sharp and edge with a mid break tribute to industrial and the 90s alternative/metal scene. "Mongrel" gets darker and heavier before the entrance of a more melodic chorus that changes the song's approach, a dark, heavy riffing massacre with a melodic twist ."Poundland of hope and glory" is a pure 90s THERAPY? alternative metal killer, groovy, heavy and edge. "Ugly" goes all the way, fast, heavy, melodic, how METALLICA would sound if they were raised in punk and metal, living in ireland, a great catchy song and instant classic. "Days kollapse" is a metalic/alternative mid tempo with the 90s feeling all over it, quite melodic for THERAPY? standard, and reminds that even the most troubled souls have their quiet moments, dark and gloomy as always and equally touching.

For another album THERAPY? combines metal, punk, 90s alternative rock and their own unique passion and fire, converting them in to songs that touch the listener with their aggressiveness, passion and lyricism, dark and melancholic with vague rays of sun and hope entering. Another great album under their belt.


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