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Thorbjorn Risager and the BLACK TORNADO- "Navigation blues"

Danes or not these guys have been raised in a steady diet with the first four ZZ TOP albums and it pays off Bluesy, raunchy rock n roll the Texas way for all of us who have missed the early days of the little old band from Texas .Thorbjorn really knows how to gives us a trip down to Rio Grande and the Texas honky Tonk bars, far better than most of his US contemporaries.With the great women back vocals at "The way you make me feel" giving the song extra depth, the laid back, acoustic 'The blue lullaby", the mid tempo slide driven, whiskey soaked "Whatever price", Texas guitar driven honky tonk rock n roll at " Fire inside" , "Taking the bad with the good" , "Hoodoo lover" Risager sounds like the perfect mix between ZZ TOP, Eric Clapton, Jeff Healey and Robert Cray.

"Time" is his FM moment, a song with mid tempo that could easily get national airplay, if there was still Blues/Rock radio around. "Something to hold on to" is another semi acoustic song with CCR echoes coming straight from the speaker. "Headed for the stars" is their "Eliminator" moment, a more modern, electric blues with some contemporary elements. The closer "Heart crash" is an acoustic piece in the vein of lateBonamassas, laid back, melodic oozing sensitivity and abandonment. Emotional, soulful blues with dirty guitars, Horns, stripped down, solid rhythm section and most of all great compositions. "Navigation Blues' ' is a great album to navigate you in the blues oceans from Texas to Detroit and everything in between, keeping the songs short, sharp and sweet.


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