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THUNDER-"All the right noises"

British rockers THUNDER are proving once more that they are aging like good wine. The more mature, the closer to perfection. From the opener "Last one to turn off the lights' a stormy rocker, to the more bluesy "Destruction",to the countrified "The smoking gun '' their trademark melodies are all over the place. Great guitars (Morley/Matthews-trustworthy twins, whiskey soaked vocals with the fine voice of ageless Danny Bowes and the album goes on like this. From BAD COMPANY to THUNDER,that's the real blood line, as THUNDER are now among the pillars of the British Hard rock with blues roots and they re stretching the genre adding melody, courting AOR on their own unique way.

Their homage to AC DC comes in the form of "Going to the Sin city", although horns add an extra mile to their effort. But THUNDER are musicians of their age and listen to the beat of the world as they write songs like "Dont forget to live before you die" where AC DC meets Brit rock. Melodic, blues infused hard rock, is the name of the game and THUNDER are the masters of it. Even if they sometimes slow down a bit to relax and enjoy. Bit more Stones at "You re gonna be my girl" and the rock n roll feeling is alive and burning. burning the end of the album, THUNDER make some genuine rock n roll noise and 'Shes a Millionairess" closes in the best way a hard rocking album that knows when to let the tempo slow down and a band that enjoys rock n roll a lot more in their mature days, aiming more for the heart and less for the brains.


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