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Tom Keifer Band - "Rise"

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 26 Ιαν 2022

The voice of CINDERELLA is back with his second solo/band album. A real strange, dark in places album, with songs full of emotional burden like “Rise". This album is US hard rock with a modern twist and it really makes you want to listen to it more and more. A real grower, hits all the right chords, but in the same time blink an eye to the glory days of the past. The voice is the one thing that drives the songs, as always. Keifer despite the health issues of the past, is in good shape. Listening to songs like “All amped up", "Waiting on the demons" and instantly you know the flame of the magic of the late 80s is still here, a bit polished, a bit slow down but it is here. A hard rock album for the followers who grew older along with their idols, just makes you wanna spin it on the non existing record player one more time, instead you push the repeat on the music players touch screen.


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