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TRAGIK- "Ultima radio" (Rock Company)

Modern hard rock with a dark twist. Imagine the early years BON JOVI with some low tuned guitars in the vein of ALTER BRIDGE and CREED at some points but with the sense and essence of melody deep in the bands DNA. Songs like "One last time " have the world airplay written all over them, while 'Seeds of the sky" and 'Piece by piece" have a more heavy metal direction. As metal as ACCEPT were on 'Eat the heat". Far more melodic and anthemic kinda SCORPIONS or shall I say BONFIRE try to modernize their sound. The guitar work is as usual top notch and the songwriting a bit confusing sometimes, as it is always diverse from the ballad "All i have left" to more left wing melodic pieces like "Requiem" where BEATLES meet TROUBLE over some ULTRAVOX melodic lines.

TRAGIK consists of Damian D’Ercole (Guitars, Percussion), Dirk Phillips (Drums, Keyboards) and Phil Vincent (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards)assisted on lead guitars by Vince O Regan and William Roux. . This power trio can pretty much play anything and everything from keyboard loaded AOR to more modern hard rock. It is a matter of prioritization and targeting where they want to be and how, if they want, to be categorized. For all of you who like their rock, catchy, modern and bit sugar coated at some points, TRAGIK have the package.


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