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TRIGGER MAFIA- "Brotherhood" (Rock company)

Canadians have history in quality Hard rock, Frank Marino, Pat Travers, TRIUMPH, Lee Aaron, TORONTO, Santers, Aldo Nova,Brian Adams these guys with the strange eczematous name RUSH and now Danco Jones and the latest Canada product THE DAMN TRUTH and TRIGGER MAFIA. Hammond, hard rocking guitars and a feeling like THE WHO meets early Ted Nugent jamming over MOUNTAIN and BOSTON. Majestic bass lines, great second/backing vocals and the LA greatness of bands like LITTLE CAESAR or CIRCUS OF POWER are here along NEVADA BEACH, TORA TORA, TSOL dirty rock n roll swagger. This is a damn good record, full of rock n roll energy and passion. Nothing plastic, nothing artificial, just great vocals that bring fond memories from the 70s from Janis Joplin to Roger Daltrey on the top of a tight band that rocks.

On the contrary to the contemporary "rock" artists TRIGGER MAFIA are not afraid to put some dirt in their hands. The Eddie Van Halen inspired guitar intro at "Drink what you drink and roll what you roll" gives its place to a furious Hammond solo and then some Led Zep drum roll along with a vocoder making the whole instrumental a jam from the past and a blast from the past too. But they have the guts to have a second instrumental named "Great big genius" a bit more futuristic, a song for the keyboard player Mr Karl Oystensesn to show his talents."YVR" is their third (!!!) instrumental attempt with the Mike Varney school of shredding imprinted on it, letting keyboards duel with the rest of the band in the more unpredictable but far enjoyable way-reminding a bit of Pat Travers in his experimental phase. "Backyard barbecue" is another Southern influenced, barroom classic with its honky tonk influences.Their heavy, they re rocking, they're funky and their groovy. ZZ TOP and 50s rock n roll get a treat at "Snowflake" with some Joe Satriani licks spread all around. "The brotherhood song" has the Led Zep feeling but escalates to a great mid tempo rocker on its own."Turn it up" is a party rocker,designed to lift spirits before a long weekend, o a good rock n roll concert. What I really appreciate the most, is that they are not another retro band. They like the 70s and make them breathe in the 2020 decade. If you think SOA is a real chopper gang series, better leave TRIGGER MAFIA alone. The guys have the groove of early AEROSMITH and the fire of the Canadian Hard rock scene in their DNA.

For those out there who missed the glorious 80s and the heavy side of the LA scene, don't waste your time on reunions of aged rockers who can't afford their cocaine. Invest your time in these bunch of rockers. They could open for any big name today and be a big name of their own in the next few years, if Covid 19 allows them to tour this album. KROKUS is another band I was looking for. TRIGGER MAFIA have their sharpness on guitars and a groove straight out of the 70s bands.Shawn Meehan their vocalist and guitar player, deserves seeing this band , along AIRBOURNE rocking the crowds in some big festivals.Their taste in riffs, directly from the AC/DC riff book shows the band immense potential. Reminding most and above all, of the power,the passion and the dedication of rock n roll to bring a smile to our face.

TRIGGER MAFIA, let the dam burst and now ,rock n roll music is all around the world.TRIGGER MAFIA brings down the power trio idea we had for most of the Canada's successful acts, making this quartet a band we hope to listen a lot more about in the rock n roll future.


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