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Troy Redfern- "The fire cosmic"

A prolific writer, modern bluesman from the Midlands, Troy Redfern has the sound that would suit the next Tarantino

movie. Delta blues with a good portion of slide guitar and a modern approach, a bit Alice Cooper "One way ticket a bit Rob Zombie, he likes his music, dirty, bluesy and groovy. As he admits, working with a band this time and an external producer, let his music come to the forefront. For the recording, Troy enlisted what he describes as “the ultimate dream team” – Darby Todd on drums (The Darkness, Robben Ford, Martin Barre, Paul Gilbert), virtuoso bass guitarist Dave Marks (Hans Zimmer), and guitarist Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal (Guns N’ Roses, Asia, Sons of Apollo).

Troy is a guitar player that goes beyond being a good blues/slide guitar player, just listen to the manic "On fire" to feel his passion bursting the dam of convenience and conventionality. He is a prolific writer who brings new ideas to the blues, and definitely one with one foot in the US.

So "The fire cosmic" is a modern blues/Hard rock album that combines Delta blues and LA hard rock scene along with some excellent slide guitar, plus some great country & western overtones ("Ghosts") and drives you all the way down south. Bands like LITTLE CAESAR and CIRCUS OF POWER could have a lot to earn with a collaboration with such a guitar player. His approach, stripped from the fancy tricks and the polished studio sound of the blues extraordinaire contemporaries, credits his sound and music with authenticity.

Dry, tight sound and songs that ooze passion and originality. Its up to you to check him, but he will be around for a long time.


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