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Tyler Bryant and the Shakedown -"Shake the roots''

When early AEROSMITH meets Nasville's Southern sound i.e CADILLAC THREE, BLACKSTONE CHERRY, the result is an album fresh, vivid and full of hot blooded anthems.It might be their fifth release but it is as strong and full of freshness as a matured red wine who needs its time to blossom. Steady as Gibraltar rock and groovy as 70s Times square cats, Tyler Bryant new album is a fine and prime example of quality US hard rock, with deep roots in the 70s harder side. An album for those of you who still love to listen to 'Night in the Ruts' and 'Get your wings" as you like the early Ted Nugent stuff. But (and this but) means everything , with modern production, clear sound, enough swagger to keep the time panache.... but also contemporary to meet a new generation of rockers somewhere in the middle of the distance.

Songs like "Bare bones" are slide guitar heaven, while "Ghostrider" is a modern blues based hard rock anthem, delivering on all cylinders. "Roots" is what the name says, an ode to the old times and the music that comes from the Southern states and the Appalachian mountains, soulful,true and unbowing to the Western trends."Hard learned" is easily a song that SKYNYRD would love to cover, a slow, countrified rock tune with the pedal steel lead the melody."Shackles" is the piece de resistance of the album, a blues based, distorted monster that looks back to the days when CREAM and AMBOY DUKES ruled the world with the power of the fuzz pedals. Great guitars, that owes more to Joe Perry and Kenny Wayne Shepherd than Joe Satriani or Steve Vai, great songs and the feeling that rock n roll music is still alive and well.

If you're in to Southern rock, roots rock, classic rock, blues rock or music with soul in general make yourself a treat and listen to this excellent album.


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