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Vinnie Moore- “Soul shifter”

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 26 Ιαν 2022

With the end of the road for UFO clear ahead, Vinnie Moore returns in the musical scene with an instrumental album. What we can hear form the opening track is that the hard rock sound that he adopted for UFO is present all around his work. On the other hand he is volatile and plays with funk, jazz, hard rock without any problem but with lots of inspiration. Tracks like “Funk bone jam” a funk/heavy rock jam show his a man with no real limitation but with musical compositions such as “Same sun shines” reminds us why he is in the holy triad of the unsung guitar heroes along with Macalpine, Howe. Enjoy “Brother Carlos” and its Cuban feeling, the funk rock “Kung Fu grip”, the hard rock /fusion feeling of “Soul shifter”, the rock n roll feeling of “Gainesville station”, the out of the shredding 90ws “Mirage” and “Across the ages”. or the more out of this world “Heard you’ re gone”. Instrumental albums can be a drag, if they’re not made by people like Vinnie Moore, a master of the genre.


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