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VV-"Neon noir"

The metal Barry White is back on his own. If you're curious about his new project, the reality is that Ville Valo and Sivert Hoyem of MADRUGADA are doomed eternally by their sound voice that defines their original bands. So for Vallo, its H.I.M without the heavy guitars and a bit more color but it is still this goth,pop, light tock hybrid that reminds also of the smooth/new wave Iggy pop and above all it is catchy and addictive .From the opener synth pop of "Echolocate your love" to the H.I.M reminder of "Loveletting" and the majestic "Salute the sanguine" he does what he knows best, creates dark paintings for those who live in the colors of the dusk.

There are some moments of true melancholy and passion such as "Saturnine Saturnalia" and "Headful of ghosts" where he gets us in a tour de force of gothic pop, showing the world who is the real master of the game An album for the converted but also an album of quality and integrity where Valo never let himself or his followers down. Commercial in his own dark way, is playing with the shadows and the aesthetics that were defined by bands like SISTERS OF MERCY and Iggy Pop in their heyday, adding his own distinctive vocal point and the everlasting and memory hunting melodies.

A great album for some night cruise in the desert cities of the North, looking for some action in a declining Western civilization


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