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When rivers meet- 'Saving grace'

The killer duet of Grace and Aaron Bond from the UK returns to remind us of how good, soulful blues rock has to be played. 'He ll drive you crazy' is a song that lets the gutsy vocals of Grace Bond reign over the fuzzy guitar all together in a Zeppelin-esque piece of music. If you already had their first album you know that WHEN RIVER MEETS are a band who wear their heart on their sleeve. They like their music, groovy have a soft spot for the blues and take the lead from where BAD COMPANY, Joplin, SAINT JUDE and less THUNDER (they are still active0)left it.

'Don't tell me goodbye '' has the 'Wild horses" /country rock/americana (sic) feeling with both musicians taking turns at the vocals and yes we love the emotional burden it carries. Groovy as hell at 'Do you remember my name" they keep the game simple and effective, aiming straight to the heart, without imitating WHITE STRIPES, BLACK KEYS etc but with a more alternative twist.Modern blues with a soulful touch is also the main theme at "Have no doubt about it"."Eye of the hurricane" has the lead vocals roles changing with Aaron coming upfront assorting by some haunting backing vocals by Grace in a dark Americana song.The temperature rises with the rocking "Testify", an in your face rocker with some great backing vocals enforcing the final result.Grece bond gives a thrilling performance at "Shoot the breeze", a groovy blues rocker while the tempo gets funkier at "Lost and found' and the song a bit more commercial and contemporary.

Second album and the Bond family getting stronger and stronger at the songwriting and delivering departments. A Modern rock album that looks at the blues and winks at the more contemporary sounds, always within the rock context.They have the Grace with them and we hope for music s sake to keep having it by their side.


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