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Whiskey Myers- “Whiskey Myers”

Έγινε ενημέρωση: 26 Ιαν 2022

For a lot of people, Southern rock is as obsolete as it is the turntables in the modern music listening. But for a strong part of the rock community, especially those who were born before the 90s, Southern rock even infused with country, as it is common in our days, is a sign of musical vitality and health. WHISKEY MYERS are a band that came out of nowhere, Palestine ,Texas actually and today are already in their fifth album. We don’t expect nothing innovative, but we find the essence of the Southern rock genre. Good honest songs, based on whiskey soaked vocals, great guitars and a swinging rhythm section. In a way their closer to the rock part then the other two big names of our days, BLACKBERRY SMOKE and BLACKSTONE CHERRY. They keep a minor part of country in their sound and, the blues element, but their definitely more in the MKII LYNYRD SKYNYRD sound. With songs like ‘Bad weather”, “Bury my bones”, the heart aching “Califonia to Caroline”, the greasy rocker “Gasoline”, the “Hammer’ a song where generations meet over a swinging hammer and a love song and the opening and belief defining “Die rockin” they’ re the southern rebels for the Sons of Anarchy generation. But long hair and long solos are all over this album, so we don’t bother to ask for more, simple music for simple men.


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