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WOLFMOTHER- "Rock out"

Aussies are having fun. Andrew Stockdale and co (?) return with a new album and are high on music. From the opener "Fallin out" with Jack Whites/WHITE STRIPE ghost all over the song, especially the manic , distorted riff and the vibe, to the im a cover but won't admit it "Rock out" that could be easily "Detroit rock city" by KISS, disguised as the main riff is accidental the same, WOLFMOTHER are diving deep in the blues/alternative songbook of the 90s and return with some shining diamonds. , "Upload' is a modern rock anthem with some 80s LA dirt all over it.''Humble" is his BLACK SABBATH/LED ZEPPELIN tribute and it suitsf ine the retro rock sound of the album with its groove and its guitars making the difference in every bridge, making Tony Iommi proud for his legacy. "Only way" is the "modern" approach with its electro intro, kinda like MUSE decided to leave the glamorous roles and get down to basics.

On "Metal and fire' he pays a successful homage to his heavy metal roots, at least those he still remembers could be BOC, could be JUDAS PRIEST or even PRAYING MANTIS and early BLACK SABBATH but with the NOWBHM feeling all over the riffage of the song."Outside" could be on any DUBROVNIKS album and is the best song Iggy Pop still haven't composed. "Mantle" is heavy metal, 80s infused and really stripped to the basics with the Ozzy impersonation, dominating his voice in the best possible way."Ego" goes also the BLACK SABBATH territory with some excellent 70s soloing, a treat for the ears, with some HAWKWIND shades all over the song."Walking" comes as the suiting closer, a groovy , guitar driven anthem from the glorious alternative 90s.

In conclusion, Andrew Stockdale of WOLFMOTHER as he likes to call himself these days, is exactly what he says, an old school dreamer, who knows to bring the best of the 70sand 90s to present without using any kind of time capsule, just his guitar and his voice.


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