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Wytch- "Exordium"

Female fronted heavy rock band from Skellefteå, Sweden that winks at Occult rock, Birmingham and Black county but prefer to keep their sound intact and fresh , a sum of all their influences ,spiced up by their personal point of view. The opener "Black hole" is a fine example how CATHEDRAL could sound today if Lee Dorian was a woman.Great, dominating bass lines, heavy riffs and the 70s to 80s era as the main influence along with some folk elements, to make the whole result even more stranger. A quintet that travels through time to meet JEFFERSON AIRPLANE and jam over some hallucinating mushrooms, strolling into the Swedish forest. The band consists of Johanna Lundberg [vocals], Simon Lundstrom [bass/vocals], Niklas Viklund [guitars/vocals], Mattias Marklund [guitars/vocals], and Fredrik Nilsson [drums], musicians with clear artistic vision, who don't imitate the 70s, they live them in today's reality.

This is the difference between retro reproduction and retro music revival. 'Evil heart" is another great example, with the opening lines reminding The Cure and the sense of darkness all around, in a song that MOTORHEAD could easily pen if they were in the next studio to Ozzys BLACK SABBATH rehearsals. Fast, heavy, powerful and most of all groovy, 'Evil heart" stand out easily, in my humble opinion,showing the more aggressive side of WYTCH. "Warrior" has the upbeat, evil touch of early Danzig, with far more 70s guitar playing. "Rebel" is another fine example on how retro rock can justify its existence artistically in the 00s. An upbeat song with doom influences and some IRON MAIDEN touches, presenting the sheer power of THE WYTCH as a metal band of today, without losing their identity. "Break you down" on the other hand is a more groovy ,heavy rock song, with its roots in the late 70s heavy rock scene, aiming straight to the listeners heart with its catchy vocal lines."You" closes the album in the best possible way. A groovy, heavy rock song, up tempo like a funeral march soaked in Irish whiskey.

"Exordium" is an album that reassures about the future of the heavy rock scene. Heavy, groovy, intense and most and above all original in its 70s glory.


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