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XANDER AND THE PEACE PIRATES- "Order out of chaos"

70s influenced blues rock from the XANDER AND THE PEACE PIRATES, a UK band that never misses a chance to remind us how great the 70s and the US psychedelic and FM rock scene are.. A laid back, guitar driven album that delivers more than you could ask or. A bit contemporary as "Leave the light on" indicates. Some Chris Rea, Eric Clapton, FLEETWOOD MAC, DIRE STRAITS elements to make the song one of the most promising in the album for massive airplay with a haunting guitar solo.

The south takes its toll on "Soul selling' with the ALLMAN name written all over it. Slow burning fuse at "Im no good at being bad" with the desert comes out of the speakers.The album is a modern blues rock album with great vocal harmonies ,emphasis at melodies and appreciation for a great modern tune on the soft side of rock with some alternative edges.a great album for after midnight listening , best accompanied with some good whiskey and the lights dimmed .


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