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Rock music & Book Tales


A page for the promotion of book presentations, old and new, music presentations but also other texts of mine on Greek political and social life. Without restrictions, political correctness and other "progressive" / conservative fossils - restrictions on expression. We live without sponsors our dream ... A rock n roll life, with minimal political correctness, with the few but necessary compromises in Greece that from the ashes of PASOK and ND, created the outburst of SYRIZA-ANEL, ATHEX, the party state and the "social" dividends to the ILLEGAL immigrants ... Where my freedom stops, your terror begins ...

Born in 1968, I was involved in music and books, in magazines, radio and most recently publishing my first book "Transparent Kaleidoscopes" (Publications  Oasis). I write for those who write to me, because silence is the silent participation in a society of rays that are waiting for their place on the train of power ...


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