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ALCATRAZZ- "Take no prisoners"

ALCATRAZZ MKV depending on how and from which line up you count. Doogie White is now the king of the day, a chameleon of rock vocalists that can easily cover all RAINBOW periods, having a great voice of his own. Along with him leading the new, rejuvenated ALCATRAZZ is neo classical maestro Joe Stump, an American guitar maestro that a lot compare with Yngwie Malmsteen for the fret speed, but he is not so arrogant and self centred. The original line up consists of bassist Gary Shea and keyboard player.Jimmy Waldo.The final result is a neo classical heavy metal album of high standards. The opener "Little viper" is a speedy , neo classical thunder. "Don't get mad..get even" had a modern SAXON essence and the GIRLSCHOOL added some tasty backing vocals, making the song ooze British metal. "Battlelines" keep the pace, another British inspired, melodic Heavy metal anthem straight of the glory days of the 80s with astonishing guitar work and Stump punctual as a swiss clock at the rhythm guitar creating a background on fire.

The tempo slows down on "Strangers" a mid tempo ballad reminiscent of the best MSG moments (with Gary Barden) that speed up in another neoclassical orgy. "Gates of destiny" is an in your face, rhythmic, mid paced melodic heavy metal song with White leading again the dance. The album continues in the same style, uptempo /neoclassical inspired/ keyboards assorted songs reminiscent of RAINBOW, MSG,SAXON with all musicians at their best, although "Holy Roller" is my personal favorite with White in excellent form and one of the best Stump's solo in the middle reminding of a Blackmore on fire."Power in numbers" is the song where the keyboard lines of Waldo make the difference, giving this extra something to an already memorable song. "Salute the colors" is the most heavy metal with some fusion elements, song, stripped down, distorted, the modern face of ALCATRAZZ and in my opinion the most trivial, although the keyboards try to add some much needed melody."Bring on the rawk" closes the album in a true metallic way, speedy, heavy,melodic, quality melodic heavy rock.

This version of ALCATRAZZ is far more heavy yet melodic, giving all of us hopes for great things to come. For those of you who were a bit disappointed when ALCATRAZZ mellowed their sound, the new version is aiming at the heart of melodic heavy rock with great success.


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