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Avril Lavigne-"Love sux"

Avril Lavigne‘s new album is a great example of how she can continue to do the same thing that establish her as a main teenager miracle without being repeating herself or without being daring . she is the equivalent of Green Day for the teenagers who doesn’t want to be extremely punk but love their music a bit more edgy and with some great vibes of anti establishment l. The new album is continuing to use The same tested success formula of her previous works that combines catchy melodies and great sing along full of teenage angst choruses.

Her lyrics are focus on the well known issues of love, abandonment and frustration against a society that won’t compromise on you. Songs like "Bite me", "Love sux" and "FU" are modern pop rock anthems for the rebellious I phone generation and trust me they work perfectly till you find yourself in real troubles in a bunker in Ukraine.


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