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CROWN LANDS- «Fearless”

This Canadian duo of Cody Bowles and Kevin Comeau works its music in the best RUSH tradition. But we are not talking about another copyist, on the contrary CROWN LANDS are a product of their time. MUSE, COLDPLAY, even METALLICA and some great Canadian bands like TRIUMPH, Pat Travers AND Frank Marino especially in the guitars nd the vocal harmonies can be found. From the opening “Citadel” to the epic “Starlifter Fearless part II” the elements of a genuine progressive and innovative band are all over the music. Epic, bombastic, complex yet not tiring or overindulging and most of all melodic, these are the strong points of CL music.

An album that would be a joy for the progressive fans of bands like THE FLOWER KINGS, DREAM THEATER but also for those who like STYX and TRIUMPH. The stand out track by my humble opinion is “Lady of the lake”, immense, approachable, melodic and catchy. So CL take off the hook, you don’t have to choose a side, just let the music do the talking, laid back and enjoy.


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