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Eddie Spaghetti & Frank Meyer- "Motherfuckin rock n roll" (Kitten robot records)


UPERSUCKERS mastermind joint forces with Frank Meyer (Streetwalkin Cheetahs) and the result is a pure rock n roll album .Rockabilly with some hard rock twist jus to t light up the fire. Songs like the same title and "Barroom bawl" would be perfect songs for every roadhouse at route 66 or every high school prom at the 60s where zombies would replace and devour gradually the graduates.

In your face rock roll, twelve bar blues and some groovy music to get your bootie at the dance floor with no hesitation. A cover of "My Sharona" (KNACK) makes the album even more difficult to resist. If you are in to AC DC, STATUS QUO, MOTORHEAD, Chuck Berry and NASVILLE PUSSY grab a copy, a convertible, your gril and start partying.

If you are in a bad mood crank up "Knock my teeth out". The magic of rock n roll is sheer power and simplicty and this duo have it all.


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