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Great Ad-"Deep Down Death"

Sweden really retro rock from the 70s and not another BLUES PILLS, cause i know what you think of. GREAT AD are far 70s and more into the psychedelic side of music. From the hard rock opener ``Got the fire" to the instrumental with obvious influences by bands like THE SHADOWS "Borne,Andy, Mountain" to the more bluesy, abstract "You ll never believe' everyone is here mostly from the San Francisco scene. Joplin,Santana, JEFFERSON AIRPLANE but also BLUE CHEER, AMBOY DUKES, MOUNTAIN, jamming at the beautiful instrumentals of the album or building the climax in edge hard rock songs. The album is 37 minutes in length and has a number of songs that the instrumentals (who are easily could be among the best moments of the album) are adding extra depth. GREAT AD are not another revivalist band, they are the real deal. GREAD AD Are stuck in the crack of time and their music aims straight to the heart and the stoned mind. "Fast love" is like MOTORHEAD would jam with BLACK SABBATH leaving vocals out of the picture.

The album is raw, proto metal, vintage rock with enough dirt like they have just finished the Paris Dakar race on camels. Whiskey soaked vocals that are equally occult and retro are spicing the songs, that have the folk/melodic feeling of LED ZEPPELIN filtered through the BLACK SABBATH distortion, all together praising the American proto metal scene.The band recorded and released two private press singles in 1975 and 1976 respectively. Both were done in micro pressings of 100 copies each making them very rare and sought after. We follow the band from their first incarnation as a killer heavy power trio and then expanding into a massive 5-piece powerhouse and until the military draft put an end to their teenage hard rock dreams. So this is a reissue worth every penny and every minute of your time.


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