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KARMAN LINE- "Like a machine"

Another band to jump on THIN LIZZY-retro rock bandwagon or a unique one with 70s influences? KARMAN LINE are a multinational rock n’ roll quintet. Officially formed in 2020 during the Covid pandemic (by Greg Brown – Vocals, Tristan Surina – Guitar, Frank Bassiouni – Guitar, Petar Milošević – Bass Guitar, and Danny Langston – Drums), and hailing from UAE, and with "Like a machine" they re here to deliver their own vivid, riff based sound. A steady, bold, tight and funky rhythm section supports the masculine vocals of Brown. Echoes of LED ZEPPELIN, CREAM, GRAND FUNK and BLACK CROWES are all here but the band blends them in their own unique way.

"King of the day" is a fine example on how the band perceive their sound. Groovy, mesmerizing, powerful. "B.I.O.T.B" is another example of funk meets rock , a groovy stomp rocker that reminds of prime time REEF.The band has a Seattle scent (ALICE IN CHAINS, MOTHER LOVE BONE, SOUNDGARDEN) in their sound . In "KARMAN LINE '' it also has a feel of the middle years UFO in melody, especially the "Making contact" years. THye diversify their sound in a more classic rock, melodic way in "Something in the water" where you can see LED ZEP or GRETA VAN FLEET influences, its all a matter of taste and age.The band has a very radio friendly sound although never living classic rock era, kinda Lenny Kravitz or SPIN DOCTORS did a decade ago. Only listen to the addictive "Seven" to get a grip on what they preach.

The album consists of ten powerful rockers who stand proudly on their 70s influences and head on to a bright and prosperous future,


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