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Michael Monroe-"I live too fast to die young'

Every time Michael Monroe releases a new album my aging punk rock heart starts to speed up. One of the few from the 80s generation of sleaze/punk rockers who didn't let the time take its toll. He is always here, full of energy, with his band tight as an ironfist, their riffs sharp as Jack the ripper's blade and his voice always on top form. Michael never hid his love for rock n roll, punk, THE CLASH, THE RAMONES and above all distortion. Opening with a song about phony revolutionists ( in Europe of political correctness these days)-"Murder the summer of love"- it is a bold move. "Pagan prayer" is a fine example on how an artist can be mean while keeping his dignity. A song that EXPLOITED would love to sing or sink...its up to you. In general "I live too fast to die young' is what its title says. A rock n roll album, in your face, melodic, dirty, driven by the rhythm and aiming to the mojo and the heart first and the brains -if there's any left later. Filled with nostalgia , never goes down the memory lane ,even at a slow tempo like "No guilt".

Michael Monroe is along with Sami Yaffa keeping the spirit of HANOI ROCKS alive and burning and we the loyal followers see the perfect band to tour with HELLACOPTERS. Slash adds a tasty solo on the same title song, just to get some credibility collaborating with a true rock n roller In this ,his twelfth solo album Monroe never slows down or mellow more than its needed. Monroe's rock n roll is methadone for all of us the rock n roll junkies. Let us have highs without the fear of dying from overdose. Powerful, with the help of Steve Conte and Rich jones who add some tasty riffs all over the album, MM is a joy for the ears, keeping the rock n roll flag high.'Dearly departed" is the albums closer, a bit psychedelic, Stones-sy song for those who are no longer among us and we were connected to them on our earthly lives, touching and different than the rest of the album.


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