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POP EVIL- "Skeletons"

Massive riffs over some aggressive drums and modern rock sound with Industrial influences and emo vocal lines and POP EVIL invade your universe with their melodic metalcore."Paranoid" (Crash and burn) is a fine example of their melodic aggressive metallic sound."Circles" keeps the nu metal- metal core style, with dynamic guitar riffs and melodic bridges, keeping the pedal to the metal. The quintet has also their more dance beat side as in "Eye of the storm' where they blend beats, melodic choruses and again gigantic riffs delivered by Dave Grahs and Nick Fuelling.''Sound of glory" has an equal anthemic character, a nu metal/core version of DEPECHE MODE i would say, with a great catchy chorus, anthemic, epic and Celtic influenced.The speed sows at "Skeletons" at a mid tempo piece with more sentiment and nostalgia, showing the "sensitive" face of POP EVIL , an instant radio hit, with its catchy melody and lyric theme and a touch of "SNOWPATROL at the keyboards and the main melody. "Worth it" continues at the same "pop" melodic style before the guitars take over the reins and release another riff fueled attack at "Who will become" making Leigh Kakaty indulge some nu metal aggressiveness at the chorus to fit the song.

"Wrong direction" keeps up the metal frenzy infused with some much needed at the bridge of the song, coming out of the glory days of nu metal songwriting and an excellent rhythm section in the faces of Cramer (drums) and Walser (bass). "Dead reckoning" is another drum n bass, metalic beast, an in your face attack with Kakaty growling his anxiety and fear towards us.Closing track "Raging bull" ends with the participation of Blake Allison (DEVOUR THE DAY), Ryan Kirby (FIT FOR A KING), and ZILLION making it the winner in the anthemic songs, that the album focus on when they dont speed up and get ready for a head to head collision.

Modern, aggressive with melodic touches balancing between nu metal and metalcore , POP EVIL are what their name says, the necessary evil to make our music heavier yet melodic and tastier.


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