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RΙVAL SONS- "Darkfighter"

RIVAL SONS second album in one year and the prolific songwriting seems to pay foo. A stunning, tight rock n roll blues based number in "Mirrors" with the LED ZEP groove all over and some psychedelic hints opens the album in the most appropriate way. "Nobody wants to die' is a groovy , fast pace rocker with a cacthy melodic choris and a messed up, all fuss solo, showing that RIVAL SONS are not a band to thake for granted, always ready to expand thier imits, without being too left sided , they still amaze us and intirgue us. "Bird in the hand" is a more 60s inspired , rocker with massive riffs and addicitve melodic line. "Bright light" is a melodc rocker, a mid tempo ballad, ehoing the maturity of RIVAL SONS i the eyars, with the Bohnam style drumming, meeting the Hendrix soloing over some great vocal 60s inpired vocal lines,a song crafted with the most classic rock ingredients.

."Raprture" is another great song with some massive riff to get the contrast between them and the anthemic distorted choruses of Buchanan who sing his heart out with true beleif."Guilottine" is another meat and potatoes rocker with 70s echoes, and a more dark essence, like BLACK SABBATH meets CSNY, a song out of the normal 3 min, cathcy, rockers we re used with a darkk groove and more metalic sound."Horses breath" is a celtic influenced, filled with distortion psychedelic rocker with tis spacey atmpsphere, that will captivate you.Closing track "Darkside" is a long piece of massive riffs, dark shadows a mid tempo rocker that balances between the spkoen work of Buchanan and the roaring guitars of Scott Holiday.

An album full of shadow and light, heavy, rocking, ispired and with its own character, far less immitaitng than some other stars tha media promote all the time. An album worht your time now and in the future.


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