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RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS- "Return of the dream canteen"

Second album in the same year and RHCP are making the exception delivering an even better album than their first since Frusciante rejoined the band. Reinvigorated with Flea at High form and Kedis more relaxed and chill out ,with Chad Smith the well known powerhouse they release some low fi , funk rock tunes that crawl in your head ,days after you stopped listening to the album. A really great album, laid back with powerful songs where the balance between fun, rock and the craziness of RHCP succeeds at the maximum level.

Not a dull moment. The band has written well crafted songs aiming both at the sentiments as the brain of the listener. Powerful yet not loud, their songs are a feast of life, a breach of freshness in these post covid days and at the end of the day the RHCP leave everyone with a smile on their face after listening to this album. The chef of the canteen was inspired and the result is a classic for the RHCP in the vein of "Callifonrication"


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