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Sammy Hagar and the CRAZY CIRCLE-"Crazy times"

Hagars Covid inspired album came as no surprise as most of the artists became prolific in this two year mandatory absence from the stage. The good thing is that inspiration never dries out for him and his band. From ``Slow drain" the hard rock references to the 70s and bands like LED ZEPPELIN and MONTROSE are written all over the album.Hagar has all the rights to love and present to us, big ballsy, riff oriented hard rock songs. He was among the pioneers of the American Hard rock scene from the 70s and he was constantly reminding that as a solo artist or with VAN HALEN. So this slow burner with the classic 70s drum sound and the big beat sound works as a dynamite opener, a slow fuse tester of what is gonna follow."Feed your head" is a groovy rocker, with the twelve bar feeling all over it."Pump it up" continuous in the same way, angry, riotous hard rock. 'Be still" has the laid back, nostalgic feeling that you usually find in SKYNYRD or CCR songs, a true from the depth of the heart, all about memories song.

Hagar is in fine form and this time he pays a tribute to his childhood heroes like THE WHO at songs like "You get what you pay for" a song Keith Moon would be more than proud to pay at. "Crazy times' is Hgars point of view on the recent pandemic and a great, anthemic hard rock song with some Detroit sonic references."Funky Feng Shui" is what hagar know to do best, a groovy hard rock song that need some Cabo Wabo tequila to be absorbed by our innocent to good times , selves after two years of restrictions. The pace slows down with melancholic "Father time" and some thinking about what it means to get older. If you ever had the question how would PINK FLOYD sound with Hagar behind the mic listen to "Childhood's end" , an atmospheric song straight out of "The wall' . The closing "2120" is a classic Hagar song, strong riff, a steady back beat and some optimistic lyrics from the man the time hasn't touched. "Crazy times' works as a snapshot from a difficult period for humanity and also a proof on the healing power of music and more specifically, guitar driven, 70s based Hard rock .


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