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SPEKTRA- "Overload" (Frontiers records)

The backing vocalist and guitar player BJ, of the JSS band/DANGER ANGEL lead singer comes one more time upfront and along his Brazilian band mates Edu Cominato (drums) and Leo Mancini (guitars) from Tempestt and the JSS Band, as well as featuring producer and composer Henrique Canale (bass) delivers a pure melodic hard rock record in the vein of JSS, TYKETO, Danny Vaughn, GIANT, HARDLINE, WINGER.

Big choruses, great back vocals from JSS himself and some excellent songs like "Since i found you" a mid tempo ballad, or powerful like "Overload", "Don't matter" and the bombastic "Running out of time". Although I was hesitant at the start, the album won me from the first listen with hte excellent feeling of melody and the band's performance. Either at heavy rockers like "Our love" or at the more mellow moments, SPEKTRA are a tight, hard rocking band that deserves further recognition among the melodic rock genre and with albums like 'Overload" they are destined to achieve it.


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