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THE BITES- "Squeeze"

LA newcomers THE BITES , love their hard rock sleazy and loud and they prove it form the opener "Knockin on the door" a song that could be easily on the MOTLEY CRUE's "Shout at the devil" with some excellent AC/DC inspired guitars, groovy, sleazy and anthemic."Pretty boys" its Bon Scot era AC DC coming in your face today with a great, manic guitar solo and vocal delivery by mainman Jordan Tyler "Love affair" keeps up the uplifting, mid tempo dirty rock n roll. THE CULT, POISON, VAN HALEN, Joan Jett and the anthemic "Heather leather" is your perfect Saturday night preparation song with guitar pyrotechnics/ tapping to set the joint on fire.

Three guitars when needed and a wild animal powered rhythm section sum up in the DEF LEPPARD harmonies driven, "Wild animal" a song ready to take over arenas and every decent 80s hair metal fan. "Bad bad" has the POISON, DOKKEN guitar swager and the greatest arrogant lyrics i have heard in a long time, part fna, part "Dont care about your mental limitations" with a great George Lynch inspired solo, rhytmic, heavy and loud at the same time, an ismtant classic."Squeeze" is an upbeat twelve bar sleaze rock n roll song, reminiscent of "Your mama don't dance" but heavier, faster and with more strength and arrogance. "Good love" is when STATUS QUO and SWEET comes in to the equation cause THE BITES have done their homework well , so boogie goes on and on and we like it.Finally "Do me a favor" closes the album another ACDC meets early AEROSMITH song, breaking the speed limit on Route 66, full tilt boogie with no remorses.

We had AIRBORNE and now we have also THE BITES, the new disciples of twelve bar, hard rock boogie infused with sleaze and no limits. Waiting eagerly for the next album and the chance to see them somewhere on stage, in a small club probably. The guys have all the package to be the next rock n roll stars.


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