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THE STRUTS- "Pretty vicious"

Are there any contenders for the ROLLING STONES throne? Well maybe not this year but THE STRUTS have released one of the best rock albums of the year mixing classic rock, alternative, glam rock, soul and a bit of pop and FM with excess whener needs it.

Opener "Too good at raising hell" is a prime time horn lead, rocker coming from the best of the songbooks of ROLLING STONES and PRIMAL SCREAM."Pretty vicious" has everything a good new goth hymn needs. Velvet vocals , a haunting melody and addictive riff over some lazy keyboards a song that H.I.M, Ville Valo, Iggy Pop ad 69 eyes would love to have but are the STRUTS who send it like an arrow to the unsuspected listener , an instant radio hit. "I won't run" is a melodic rock hit, instantly grabs the listener with its addictive hook and chorus and some breathtaking guitar work."Hand on me" is how should modern pop rock should sound, modern yet with one eye at the great bads of yesterday , full of vigorous and catchy as STD with the strings add this little extra to make it more majestic. When THE STRUTS dress up like ROLLING STONES "do what you want" a riotous rock n roller is the result."Rockstar has the glam feeling that made QUEEN and Bowie the rock stars who still live in our memories with a wink to SEX PISTOLS and the punk attitude. Jagger and co approved is the riff driven "Remember the name" an uptempo honky tonk rocker with some horns to make it bigger, more glamorous and bolder."Bad decisions" is a mid tempo ballad , showing the more emotional side of THE STRUTS , another corny as needed and with the expected big heartbreaking chorus, ballad that justifies THE STRUTS songwriting skills.

"Better love" is a groovy, dancing track, with its ROLLING STONES influences blended through the 00s rock filter."Gimme some blood" is another glam infused rock song, if the FACES decided to write a modern rock song, the result would be something like this with the honky tonk piano setting the pace.The album closes in old fashion way with a piano led, emotional ballad "Somebody someday" that have Freddie Mercury smile up above.

Are THE STRUTS the next big name in British Rock, perhaps in the global scene, that is something the audience will decide. What are definitely are is a band that stands on its own, honouring British rock tradition, blending the best and creating an album far beyond genres that would like equally the ROLLING STONES aged follower, the OASIS/PRIMAL SCREAM 90s middle age rocker and THE STRUS ,OOs alternative young rock fan. THE STRUTS with "Pretty vicious" provide us with real life evidence why rock n roll is universal and beyond ages, working class, religions and sex ,accepted and loved music.


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