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Tommy DeCarlo- "Dancing in the moonlight"

The fine and lost art of writing great FM/West Coast songs is brought back in Tommy DeCarlo's (vocalist of BOSTON) new work. Melodies that are reminiscent of BOSTON,STYX, MEATLOAF, KANSAS, TOTO, ANGEL, TOUCH, 747 are all over the album providing his voice the vehicle to show off. "Change of our fate" follows the lead of the opener with some majestic melodic vocals and the melody conquering the radio waves. A song out of the best BOSTON song books. When you listen to violins and read the title "Beyond forever" you know a power ballad is lurking and the result won't disappoint with its hooks, melodies and sentiment."Life is just a game" is another pomp rock masterpiece, aiming at the chorus where all the vocal power of DeCarlos is showing off, a bit heavier and more edgy, proves DeCarlo knows how to handle his delivery.

"No surrender" is a slow grower, escalating in a Jim Steinman like love song with strong melodies and mid tempo background, an old school power ballad."The game is on" is another West Coast mid tempo rocker, with nice guitars and DeCarlo giving his best self. The Scandinavian AOR school influences enter at "This road will lead to you" giving a wet dream for most AOR fans. "Find the love" is a great up tempo melodic rock song with a tasty solo in the middle.and a nice repetitive riff. "Spread your wings and fly" is the typical AOR majestic song, where the multilayer vocals deliver the magic of the song over a simple melodic line. "You and me" is another well crafted melodic rock song with some nice 70s organ.

The album is full of AOR songs , well crafted, with great melodies, corny as a decent AOR album sound sound, majestic, heart breaking and it balances between the US sound of BOSTON and the Scandinavian AOR sound of today (which is so much influenced by TOTO,BOSTON, JOURNEY) If you're in to this style of music, give it a good listen, the album is top notch AOR material.


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