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Zachary Scott kline- "Drugs, Jesus and Fireworks"

Modern country rock owes equally a lot to ALLMAN BROTHERS and artists like Warren Haynes as it does to Johnny Cash, Merl Haggard and Hank Williams. More rocking than country boy , ZSK, a Nashville boy, is giving an album full of heartbreaking melodies and deeply emotional as any good country album should be spiced with some good old rocking guitars in the vein of CRAZY HORSES but southern scented. Another thing that defines his sound is the "Nebraska" album. The desperation and the darkness of USA especially in these days of the "Black lives" fascists storming the gates and suffocating those who want freedom, the dark colours are painting the lives of every sensitive artist and this is the sound of a non saturated country rocker like ZSK on the contrary with collaborators with the system like 'The boss" 'Midnight cigarette" could easily be in the first albums of Springsteen and will definitely talk to his fans.

While the Tom Petty friends will find a familiar voice/sound at "Old wounds". The album goes on like this, laid back, short stories that burn down like the midnight oil letting you with a glass of whiskey and the memories, fading in to the night. ZSK is a breath of fresh air in an intoxicated world full of "revolutionaries"trappers and rockers long beyond their expiration date. Straight from the heart, he plays all the right notes to have you traveling along his music, to your own memory lane.

Nothing spectacular musically, but well crafted , structured roots rock with some nice country overtones to have you sing along , long after the last drink is served.


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