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Aaron Lewis - "Frayed at both ends"

The man who left grunge and nu metal to find his true love in right wing, conservative coutnry returns with his fourth solo album. Guess what? He is once again to the point. Speaking loud and proud his love for the old Red,White and Blue U.S.A he writes and sings in the anti Fa universe songs like "Am i the only one"' and every real patriot feels the tears filing his eyes. Aaron Lewis is one of us. A middle class man who struggles to survive in a world where NGOs and on the dole unemployed survive and suppress the majority with their so called "moral superiority" and political correctness. Aaron stand behind his beliefs and using his grave voice and his coutnry infused rock music he delivers modern coutnry rock anthems against the left wing fascists.

The album is a mid tempo exercise in humility and ethics. How many would dare to sing "Life behind bars" in our days. Heart touching at "Goodbye town" he moves swiftly to more inner self songs like "They call me doc" and nostalgic ones like "Sticks and stones". The album closes with ;

"The third degree" a song that would 've made proud Jamey Johnston and LYNYRD SKYNYRD to have sung it.

They ll call him (the corporate/left wing media), nationalist, conservative etc and they listen to their plastic pop and trap, trap etc until they impose them the new Pop idol. For us who love equally Jimi Hendrix and Waylon Jennings A.L is the voice of our generation, a white collar troubadour who dares to speak in a world filled with violence and exaggeration, pointless and meaning less. Here's a drink to the next one.



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