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AMPLIFIED- “Door of shame” (Red Tube records)

The second part of a trilogy dedicated to mental health , “Door of shame” is a shining piece of modern progressive rock/metal. The band is a tight unit that moves between PINK FLOYD, late days MARILLION and more heavy metal bands. They don’t come to the edge like MASTODON but have a decent amount of fuzz and heaviness when they feel their music needs to. On the other side they also have a far more interesting aspect when they decide to dive into the blues/ tradition territory in the "Easy street (ode to Sister Rosetta)" song, a tribute to the late blues female pioneer. Tim and Shawan Grogean along with Jayson Hughes have created a prolific songwriting team that produces attractive, challenging and mind blowing compositions, pushing the nads musical boundaries in every single composition.

Dwelling vocals that change the nature of the song and have the listener transcending between forms is among their strongest elements. More modern, metallic, aggressive, the singer/ guitar player Jayson Hughes lets the album in a more down to earth, edgy approach. Shawna’s Grogean vocals have more warmth and depth giving a bit of 70s progressive / folk feeling , mellowing the more heavy parts of their music. “War (No more)" is one of the songs she truly takes off the song . The mix of progressive rock - “Division bell” era with more modern, heavy sound works perfectly and helps AMPLIFIED take us to their journey in search of peace of mind and acceptance of the mental health issues. The claustrophobic sense the album gives from time to time, the struggle of the human to resurface back to “mental normality” comes through precisely picked notes, sound collages and a band eager to create music both appealing and challenging without overindulge expressed firmly in songs like " Broken Heart Cemetery" and "Carry Me" . On the contrary with most of their contemporaries, they prefer their sound heavy, yet melodic and direct, leaning on song structures that stay tight in time measures keeping the listener's interest intact.

“Doors of shame” is a modern progressive metal album that has a lot to say if you decide to embrace it. Less pop than LEPROUS, less melodic then SOEN, less heavy then MASTODON, more dark then RIVERSIDE, is at the same calibre as these bands , it’s up to you if you dare to get out of your comfort zone.


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